Blogging just started!

Blogging just started!

Hi and a warm welcome to anyone reading this very first blog of Turquoiza.
Well, I think I’d better start by introducing myself and my page.
This is Zina Aloosi, Swedish Master Architect and Interior Designer from Sweden. Obviously, architecture, interior design and everything related to design, colors and creativity is a huge magnet that attracts my attention and put my interest and curiosity on highest levels.
Being raised up and educated in the beautiful country Sweden has been a major factor behind how I see and review things around me. Quality is therefore always a priority in my work; I also focus on simplicity and love to put together things in a functional yet beautiful way of presentation.

I started this page as a portfolio of my architectural work and furniture supplies that I provide as an interior designer and personal shopper/adviser. My intention of starting this blog is to share experiences, materials and also as a platform to discuss design related topics that I find interesting.

I hope to see you interacting and sharing your opinions about all my posts.
Welcome again and hope you enjoy your reading!
// Z





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