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Please let me introduce you into the world that you have just entered. Turquoiza is 100% dedicated to Design solutions and ideas including architecture, Interiors and furnishings. I am Zina Alaloosi, Creative director and Managerof TURQUOIZA. I come from the beautiful country Sweden and I must admit that the beauty of Sweden’s landscape, the freshness of its air and the unique Scandinavian architecture, are my source of energy and a major influence to my creative work and artistic spirit. I also have a very fascinating background from the Middle East that had always embraced a special part of my soul and my personality. My admiration to the beauty of the Arab and Islamic architecture has always been an inspirer to many of my concepts and designs.

I have a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Interior Design from Lunds University, also a four years professional experience in Sweden and Kuwait where I currently run my work.
TURQUOIZA is not only my design studio and work place; it is also a portfolio of my inspirations, architectural works, interior design projects, product catalogues and lots of ideas and
inspirations in art and design.

Design Director & Manager

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